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Stills | London

Despite my lack of blog posts, I am still alive guys. I spent these months between a hectic schedule at work and some time doing absolutely nothing with my family. Beside that, I managed to plan a sort of vacation in London. I attended a short course at Central Saint Martins and took the opportunity to visit the city once again. Unfortunately  I got through a few unlucky events  and I lost most of my photos aside from these stills. I promise I will update more frequently and regularly the blog, in fact there may be something ready yet! Nonostante l’assenza di aggiornamenti sono ancora viva, non preoccupatevi. Ho trascorso gli ultimi mesi tra una routine lavorativa frenetica e dei giorni di assoluto far nulla con la mia famiglia ma, oltre a questo sono riuscita ad organizzare un breve viaggio a Londra. La motivazione principale è stata quella di frequentare un corso alla Central Saint Martins ma ne ho approfittato per visitare la città ancora una volta. Sfortunatamente a causa di alcuni contrattempi ho perso la maggior parte delle foto …

Fisherman with cormorants

The photo was taken during my trip in China and this fisherman was standing with his cormorants on the riverside of the Li river in Yangshuo. He had been posing for a crew of tourists for a while but I decided to shoot the only moment he was inattentive looking for people to take a photo with. I think this is the favourite picture I have ever taken and it reminds me of an unforgettable experience.

Traders in Turin

I took this series of photos for an university exam and, as we were able to choose the theme for one assignment, I decided to focus on the variety of traders in the centre of the city where I live, Turin. Turin is not my hometown but I moved here five years ago for studying and I can consider it my home. I will move in a few months after my graduation and I know I will badly miss this city so I hope to have transmitted to you my bond to this place.

Collecting shoes around China

In my last trip I took tonnes of photographs but I am not brave enough yet to start picking out some of them so, instead, I decided to post this little series. I know that the fact I went around taking photos of shoes may seem quirky however I found that the Chinese habit of leaving their footwear on the doorstep was very cheerful and also inspirational. So that’s all! I will try to divide all the pictures I took according to themes, as I did here, to make my picking work easier and to show you very soon all the beautiful places I visited. Stay tuned!

A trip to China

In a few days I will leave the west side of the globe and I will start a month trip to China and despite the fact I am really excited about it, while this morning I was trying to find my indispensable midi ring, I realised there is one problem: the luggage. My trip started as an university thesis trip of two weeks but then has become a longer trip on the road so it’s preferable to bring one only big backpack. one moth, one backpack. I am on denial. If you are in a similar situation I suggest to bring with you a chivalrous boyfriend or a loyal friend who can carry your luggage. Instead, in a real sad world you have to carry your own luggage and the only option is to give up all your beloved accessories and forget every outfit you created in your head like that one for a karaoke night in a Beijing club. So, I am about to greet my heeled shoes and majority of my beauty essentials because …