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ENGLISH | ITALIANO Contemporary art meets architecture in places such as Pirelli HangarBicocca, a non-profit foundation founded in 2004 in Milan by the conversion of a former industrial space. A place that stimulates the dialogue between public and art and these photos, taken in a boiling hot Sunday of June, are  my own upshot.


Come and See Milan | Palazzo Clerici e Palazzo Serbelloni

ENGLISH | ITALIANO Milan has plenty of secret treasures that can’t be visited very often by people. Hidden gardens and ancient aristocratic builidings that the city have been deprived of. Sometimes these places can be visited thanks to occasional openings and I took advantage of the design Week to see Palazzo Clerici and Palazzo Serbelloni and obviously I took some snaps of these amazing locations. Palazzo Clerici, located in Brera neighbourhood right beside piazza Cordusio, was built during XVII centhury and despite the plain facade it was re-decorated in the XVIII centhury,  following the neoclassic influence thanks to the Clerici”s will. Nowadays it’s the location of a private institute but you can book a visit for the next special opening if you want to. Palazzo Serbelloni, instead, right next  to piazza San Babila and to the heart of the shopping district, was built between XVIII and XIX centhury and is characterised by the loggia and tympanum on the facade and by the highly adorned rooms. Today the building, thanks to Fondazione Serbelloni, is the scene of cultural activities and …

TRENDS | Frayed Denim

ENGLISH | ITALIANO Looking for the perfect pair of jeans is a common need for every girl who loves fashion and the choice of the right pair of jeans  is obviously based on the latest trend instead of “wearing what fits me better”.Everyone knows that 90’s style is having a huge come back and skinny jeans have been overtaken by high waist jeans with straight legs. The newest obsession on this matter was inspired by frayed and shredded vintage jeans and several brands, such as Re/Done and Vetements, took old Levi’s and reworked them even changing their fitting.  Zara & co. has started copying right away this trend but you can forget the same attention for details and the reutilization policy used by luxury brands. Sometimes the outcome is quite pleasing as the Bershka number shown in the photos below that I bought recently. I paired these jeans with a Zara blouse and shoes by Mango, ispired to the well-known and editors favourite shoes by Maryam Nassir Zadeh, to create an outfit with vaguely boho. What do you think about this trend? Do you like it or you can’t stand …



ENGLISH | ITALIAN Hurry up / Almost there / I am late again / As if it isn’t already enough, even schoolchildren on my tram / People shouls stop yelling at the phone in the morning / I need a weak black coffee / If my tram would go faster I may be in time to pass by the cafè before work / I don’t get the poinf of  all these traffic lights / One more stop and I’ll get off / Once again my coffee tastes weird / The elevator seems stuck / Well, I’ll take the stairs / It’s still 9:00 in the morning and a typical worker in Milan thinks one of the sentences above if not every of them at the same time. If the essence of Milan could be translated into music it wiuld be an uptempo: fast, rhythmic and neat. The sound of boots and Oxford style shoes on the ground is steady and relentless. If someone stops there are two persons ready to overtake it. The city takes you down into its …

Come and See Milan | Villa Necchi Campiglio

If you think Milan is just shopping and piazza del Duomo, you are completely wrong! There are a lot of unknown places that make this city so complex. Villa Necchi Campiglio is part of the Milan’s Case Museo, built between 1932 and 1935 following the project of the architect Piero Portaluppi for the Necchi sisters, Nedda and Gigina, and Angelo Campiglio, Gigina’s husband. Necchi’s family were part of the Lombard middle class and they thought that this wooded area, quiet and near to the city centre, was perfecttobuilta modern villa. This villa is modern both for the architectural style,a mix of rationalism and art decò, and for the systems as the elevator and the heated swimming pool. Later, after World War II, the home furnishings change dramatically towards XVII century influence with the help of the architect Tommaso Buzzi. Milano non è solo shopping e piazza del Duomo, ma è fatta da tante altre realtà meno conosciute che contribuiscono alla creazione di questa città complessa. Villa Necchi Campiglio è una delle Case Museo di Milano e patrimonio del …

Stills | London

Despite my lack of blog posts, I am still alive guys. I spent these months between a hectic schedule at work and some time doing absolutely nothing with my family. Beside that, I managed to plan a sort of vacation in London. I attended a short course at Central Saint Martins and took the opportunity to visit the city once again. Unfortunately  I got through a few unlucky events  and I lost most of my photos aside from these stills. I promise I will update more frequently and regularly the blog, in fact there may be something ready yet! Nonostante l’assenza di aggiornamenti sono ancora viva, non preoccupatevi. Ho trascorso gli ultimi mesi tra una routine lavorativa frenetica e dei giorni di assoluto far nulla con la mia famiglia ma, oltre a questo sono riuscita ad organizzare un breve viaggio a Londra. La motivazione principale è stata quella di frequentare un corso alla Central Saint Martins ma ne ho approfittato per visitare la città ancora una volta. Sfortunatamente a causa di alcuni contrattempi ho perso la maggior parte delle foto …

Come and See Milan | Fondazione Prada

Today I will start a new series of posts that combine photography, travel and architecture. The idea came since I moved to Milan last October and I didn’t know the city nor I had enough suggestions about it. Now, a few months later I collected some recommendations about places, museums, restaurants or shops. In this way I will both share with you what I know and it also gives me the chance to go out and explore the city more. A new place to go in Milan is the permanent venue of the Fondazione Prada inaugurated in the beginning of May. The location takes place in a distillery dating back to the 1910’s. The project, that was committed to the OMA studio, led by Rem Koolhaas, is characterized by a “repertoire of spatial typologies in which art can be exhibited and shared with the public” and where new and old buildings coexist perfectly. The various buildings host the permanent exhibitions of Thomas Demand and of Robert Gober and Louise Bourgeois and many other temporary exhibitions. …

Fisherman with cormorants

The photo was taken during my trip in China and this fisherman was standing with his cormorants on the riverside of the Li river in Yangshuo. He had been posing for a crew of tourists for a while but I decided to shoot the only moment he was inattentive looking for people to take a photo with. I think this is the favourite picture I have ever taken and it reminds me of an unforgettable experience.