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Mini Bags Euphoria

When it comes to spring bags, size does really matter. During the winter I alternate between large comfy bags  and sleek crossbodies, but this doesn’t happen with the hot weather. It seems to me as logical consequence that when I start to take off layer after layer the warm clothing, I need also to reduce the size of my bags. No more clumsy shopping bags – even though I do not particularly like them all year long- but tiny chic shoulder bags. Besides, to turn those mini bags into a statement they have to be colorful. And, even if I have recently started to fight my inner struggle to wear just white, black and denim and to dare wearing bright colours and prints – yeah, normcore lead me to the right opposite direction – then everyone else can do it. Since at the moment I just own several black or leather shoulder bags I unfortunately am still looking for my perfect colorful mini bag that isn’t worth like unicorn puppies. I collected a few moodboards on some beautiful unaffordable it bags that I am craving right …

About black ankle boots

Yesterday, while I was walking home, a heel of my boots has broken. My boots, my ankle boots, my black ankle boots. One of my favourite black ankle boots. Then I realised I have way too many black ankle boots – flat, heeled, cut-out, preppy, edgy – and I have been wearing nothing but that type of shoes for the past few months. May I call that obsession? Maybe yeah, but they are my Linus’ blanket for the autumn-winter and they match perfectly with any outfit. Those are a few items I might wear: My broken friends will be repaired in a short time but there’s a major problem: the impending spring. What I am going to wear when will be too hot for my black ankle boots? The new trend is slip on sneakers: we will see if they will be able to win a place in my heart and to replace the black ankle boots. Photos via