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Mansur Gavriel Spring/Summer 2016

ENGLISH | ITALIANO The pair of New York based designers behind Mansur Gavriel made their accessories brand exponentially rise since 2012 when it was founded. The brand was know for their inconic bucket bags and finally this spring they also launched the shoes collection. The aestethic of Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavrie can be summed up with no-fuss shapes and pop colours. And the love for colours even permeates their Instagram profile which reflects the philosophy behind their accessories. Among the Spring/Summer standout pieces: mules in suede and in patent leather and the circle bag in different measurements. As per the colours palette pink and brick-hues overcome the other shades. If you are looking for statement accessories to enhance your everyday outfits I suggest you to keep an eye on Mansur Gavriel products. I just added to my wishlist the suede mules in brick and the circle bag in pink!

Mini Bags Euphoria

When it comes to spring bags, size does really matter. During the winter I alternate between large comfy bags  and sleek crossbodies, but this doesn’t happen with the hot weather. It seems to me as logical consequence that when I start to take off layer after layer the warm clothing, I need also to reduce the size of my bags. No more clumsy shopping bags – even though I do not particularly like them all year long- but tiny chic shoulder bags. Besides, to turn those mini bags into a statement they have to be colorful. And, even if I have recently started to fight my inner struggle to wear just white, black and denim and to dare wearing bright colours and prints – yeah, normcore lead me to the right opposite direction – then everyone else can do it. Since at the moment I just own several black or leather shoulder bags I unfortunately am still looking for my perfect colorful mini bag that isn’t worth like unicorn puppies. I collected a few moodboards on some beautiful unaffordable it bags that I am craving right …