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Style Secrets | Olsen twins

EN | IT  Raise your hands if you have never heard of Olsen twins especially for whoever grew up in the nineties. Ashley and Mary-Kate debuted as infant actresses in Full House but since then their careers evolved and right now, almost thirthy years later, they have become successful fashion designers.

Their personal style has deeply changed from their boho-chic appeal they used to wear a few years ago. Now the designers of to The Row and Elisabeth and James stands out with refined and sleek looks that transmit luxury from every item.

Following you can find some tips to get their signature look:


All black everything | Who said that wearing all black clothes is boring? Olsen twins prove that you can get an interesting look playing with textures, layers and shapes. And if they want to go even further add tons of jewels.


Blanket coats | They blatantly ignore the rule that says that petite girls should not wear oversized clothes and during colder seasons you can spot them around NYC wrapped in blanket coats.


Hair | Their signature blonde wavy hair are usually tied in a low ponytail or bun but they have been the pioneers of  the wet hair look.


Giant bags | It doesn’t matter if they are going to work, taking part to an event or just going out, you will probably see them carrying giant luxury bags – especially crocodile leather – that can be their own design or vintage. The crocodile backpack in the middle (The Row n.d.r.) is pure beauty.


Loose shirts | It has been several years they started to wear buttoned up boyfriend shirts that they pair with skinny jeans, long skirts or loose pants. They also take a step further with long blouses for a comfy yet classy look.


Denim | Skinny, boyfriend, black, shredded, high waisted… the twins love all things denim. They wear it with flats, heels, boots and their beloved slippers. They feel so confident with jeans that is not unusual spotting them at events in denim.


Oversized dresses | For very special nights the pair puts aside their classy work attire and goes fancy with long oversized dresses with a gothic vibe. Most of the times they choose unique vintage pieces by Chanel or Dior.


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