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Come and See Milan | Palazzo Clerici e Palazzo Serbelloni


Milan has plenty of secret treasures that can’t be visited very often by people. Hidden gardens and ancient aristocratic builidings that the city have been deprived of.

Sometimes these places can be visited thanks to occasional openings and I took advantage of the design Week to see Palazzo Clerici and Palazzo Serbelloni and obviously I took some snaps of these amazing locations.
palazzo-clerici-architecture-milanPalazzo Clerici - MilanPalazzo Clerici - Milan

Palazzo Clerici, located in Brera neighbourhood right beside piazza Cordusio, was built during XVII centhury and despite the plain facade it was re-decorated in the XVIII centhury,  following the neoclassic influence thanks to the Clerici”s will. Nowadays it’s the location of a private institute but you can book a visit for the next special opening if you want to.

Palazz-serbelloni-architecture-milan-italy Palazz-serbelloni-architecture-milan-italy Palazz-serbelloni-architecture-milan-italy

Palazzo Serbelloni, instead, right next  to piazza San Babila and to the heart of the shopping district, was built between XVIII and XIX centhury and is characterised by the loggia and tympanum on the facade and by the highly adorned rooms. Today the building, thanks to Fondazione Serbelloni, is the scene of cultural activities and performances that now and then allows you to visit it.

The purpose of this post is to intrigue you to go and visit these builings – and one of the others private properties in Milan – in the next available openings.

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