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Hurry up / Almost there / I am late again / As if it isn’t already enough, even schoolchildren on my tram / People shouls stop yelling at the phone in the morning / I need a weak black coffee / If my tram would go faster I may be in time to pass by the cafè before work / I don’t get the poinf of  all these traffic lights / One more stop and I’ll get off / Once again my coffee tastes weird / The elevator seems stuck / Well, I’ll take the stairs /

It’s still 9:00 in the morning and a typical worker in Milan thinks one of the sentences above if not every of them at the same time. If the essence of Milan could be translated into music it wiuld be an uptempo: fast, rhythmic and neat. The sound of boots and Oxford style shoes on the ground is steady and relentless. If someone stops there are two persons ready to overtake it. The city takes you down into its brief and regular rhythm where every moment has to be planned. Streets become the scene of countless flows of actions and paths where characters don”t take the time to appreciate the beauty of surroundings.

I could barely describe an ordinary Tuesday morning in Milan but I perfectly know what happens since 18:00 when it comes up again a back and forth of people hurrying up to go at the supermarket in time or arriving at home for their families.

The city is the background of these urban adventure until the weekend when, between an appointment at the beauty salon at 15:20 and a catch up with friend at 16:45, it could  happen to casually stop for a second and appreciate the heartbeat of this city.

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