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Spring Summer 2016Trends | New Romantics

EN|IT The parade of new romantics. Some of them just respect the usual parameters. There are a few that reinterpret the romantic allure mixing up with other influences. And there are some more that jokes with romanticism adding tons of levels on it but still maintaining that aura.

ERDEMERDEM | The looks undeniably presented Victorian references, even more after hearing the concept behind the collection.  Erdem Morialoglu approach to design is having a storyline in mind in order to match the clothes to the women of his story. In this case the plot was about prairie madness. The quality of garments is so good that the comparison with Valentino has been brought on more than once.

What I crave: even though those dresses are not street-style material, I would love to wear this dress for a special event.

GUCCIGUCCI | In less than a year Gucci has been completely transformed as a brand. The first women’s fashion show designed by Alessandro Michele was just the beginning of his idea of fashion. Models walked with clothes that shoutet uniqueness and eccentricity. Sequins, bold prints, pleats, see-through fabrics were some of the elements that were wisely mixed in the collection.

What I crave: I love this coat that much that I would wear it even in the summer. Well, I quite like also those golden gloves.

GIAMBAGIAMBA | Giamba looks, younger sister of Giambattista Valli line, reminds me the kind of a young rebel girl who just want to go out with her friends and have fun. Clothes are covered by sequins, stars and emoji.

What I crave: this denim vest and sequined shorts ensemble. I don’t know where or when I could wear them but they are adorable.

SIMONE ROCHASIMONE ROCHA | This season the young designer step up her game. The inspiration came from Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, whose work was focused on bondage practices to start experimenting on knots and braids. The attention to the details of the collection is well represented by the incredible manufacturing of the tights.

What I crave: the sheer dress, the trousers underneath, the shoes, the hair…this look is just so me.

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