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About Glasses


When people talk about fashion and accessories they usually forget about some important items. One of them are glasses and, no matter if they are shades or optical ones, they can change your face features effortlessly. Even if on a daily basis I wear contact lenses for practicality, I always bring my glasses along with me so I can wear then through the day. I have a round face and gentle features and for this reason glasses suit me well, especially big and bold frames. But, there is a sad side on this story: designer eyewear is usually quite expensive so, if you are addicted to buying a several range of products, you can’t afford to change them as you would do for other accessories.

about glasses

Thence when the American brand Warby Parker contacted me talking about their new Spring Collection I jumped on the boat and caught the opportunity to talk about this brand created to give an alternative to high-priced eyewear but still maintaining a designer look. Despite its classical appearance, the eight new eyeglasses have some nautical design details borrowed from the open sea. Even if Warby Parker doesn’t supply to Europe, I put my eyes on some of the shapes, especially Haskell in Crystal and Archie in both Citron and Whiskey Tortoise and the list could go on.

While I am still glancing at the Haskell, I am willing to read your  thoughts about eyeglasses. Do you wear them regularly or  prefer contact lenses? Do you spend a lot of money for them or prefer cheaper options?

*Photos courtesy of Warby Parker

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