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Back to Basics – Fashion Haul


As you may have noticed from my last post I have done a bit of shopping in the past weeks and it didn’t stop with beauty and make-up. When I go shopping I am usually very instinctive and I end up buying eccentric items forgetting about the basics therefore I took advantage of the sales for buying basic clothes.

fashion haul

Firstly, I decided to do some online shopping on Asos because I didn’t find anything interesting on physics shops. I read on internet people praising about Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Jeans so I bought a pair of black ones in Petite. I am a quite short girl so it’s difficult for me to find jeans or pants that fit me good without shortening them and the Petite lines that some brands as Topshop or Asos do are life saviour. Also, I chose Kimmi Shrunken Boyfriend Jeans in mid wash vintage and a Soft Casual Shirt in blue. The two jeans have a completely different fit but I love both: Ridley jeans wrap my legs perfectly and I like the waist line height, not too high and not too low. Instead Kimmi boyfriend jeans are obviously baggier than the first one and the waist line is low on me which I do not prefer, maybe because I should have bought a smaller size (I bought the W25 size for both). In reference to shirt, it is very cute indeed and it feels soft on the skin but it still isn’t the perfect blue shirt I am looking for.

Then, because of my contradiction I bumped into some interesting sales at Zara and I bought another pair of black boots and another statement necklace. I firstly saw both of them months ago and even if I did not purchase them it was love at first sight. The heeled black booties leave the heel uncovered and even if the thin sole makes them not the most comfortable shoes, they are so effortlessly chic and you can wear with a dress or even with a boyfriend jeans. About the necklace, I wear quite often at work on a dark sweater or under an open shirt.

Following on the jewelry, I bought a necklace with a two circles detail from H&M which matches the current thin jewelry trend and I love to wear everyday layering with other necklaces. In the end, during the Christmas holidays I discovered at my parent home a gold bracelet given to me as a present when I was a child and I have taken off since next to my watch.

I know the photos are not  the most explicative ever but maybe one day I will be less camera shy and my workout routine will show results – I have to say good-bye to years spent sat in front of a laptop for uni and tone everything up – I will post some OOTDs.

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