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The “nude” edit


No guys, I am not talking about iClouds or Snapchat. I do the same make-up all the time: I don’t feel confortable wearing heavily coloured eyeshadows but I tend to opt for taupey-bronzey shadows because according to me they enhance the eyes the most. For this reason I tried to collect all my favourite nude eyeshadows dividing them in small categories and to share them with you.

Cream eyeshadows 



You can use these cream eyeshadows for different purposes, as a base or just alone. Bare Study and Permanent Taupe are both very renowned and I can see where the fuss is coming from. They have the perfect creamy texture but they fix in place and they don’t go into the crease.

Mono eyeshadows




I have to admit that I am not very into MAC eyeshadow but I do love Satin Taupe. I think it was one of the first eyeshadows I have ever bought and it accords perfectly to my skin and eyes colours. Switching on the cheaper side, lately L’Oreal is coming out with a lot of different offers in terms of eyeshadows, both the Color Infaillible and the Color Riche have great quality pans. Also, The Color riche series offers a different variety of finishes, from matt to shimmer.

Duo eyeshadows



As I mentioned before, I tend to do quite simple make-up and most of the times I use just two eyeshadows so I am always intrigued by eyeshadows duos. You can see from the photos that they have similar match and finish but the Bare Minerals one is way more pigmented than the Inglot duo (seriously I think the BM eyeshadows are underrated). Despite that, I love them both.

Naked palettes

86 7

I don’t think there is something I can add on the Naked palettes theme, so instead of doing swatches or giving a detailed description I decided to underline my favourite shadows of each palette. Urban Decay was the first brand to figure out the commercial side of the nude eyeshadow trend coming out with the original Naked palette and its fellows. I tend to reach the Naked Basic for the matt shades and, in particular, Naked 2 to blend into the crease. Instead, I love the shimmery shades on the Naked and Naked 3 that I can wear on daytime just blending very well one color all over the lid or creating a more intense look for a night out.

Nail polishes


Then, in the end I have decided to include a little extra. KIKO is a brand I can rely on for good and affordable nail polishes and this colour isn’t an exception but I knew it wasn’t the perfect “nude” shade for my skin colour. Then, on the Viviannadoesmakeup blog I read a post about Porchester Square from Nails Inc.. After I tried it at Sephora, I decided to buy it and it has become the natural color I always reach.

So, my long round up has come to an end and I would like to know your suggestion so I can enlarge my already immense collection.


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