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How to deal with an everyday early awake


If you follow this blog you may have noticed that I haven’t updated it recently, the reason is because in the last month I got graduated, I moved to another city – for your own interest now I live in Milan- and I have started working.

In the past year I didn’t have a lot of university classes so I was unprepared to start waking up early in the morning everyday and still looking socially acceptable. Plus, my job has to do with fashion so I am constantly surrounded by people that pay attention on their appearance and  had to learn some quick tips that can be useful to don’t look washed out every morning – warning, I am still not able to be polished and chic like Olivia Palermo but I am trying guys.

1. Always apply a foundation, but opt for products with a sheer and luminous finish instead of high coverage and extremely matte ones. After that go and conceal all the redness and imperfections and your face will appear fresher and younger than using a full coverage concealer.

2. Take with you a little make up bag when you can have all the basic products for a quick touch up during the day and, of course, an hair brush.


3. Wear sleek clothes, enhance your figure and it makes you look more polished and professional, you can opt for a classic black or for grey and blue pieces and also printed items. My advice is to do not wear stretch and very tight clothes, nobody wants to see every flaw of our body.


4. Put on statement accessories that will make your outfit more interesting and colorful.


5. Autumn is my favorite season and one of the reason is because I can finally wear boots without feeling inappropriate. Go for slightly heeled boots combined for making you look more feminine. There are plenty of possibilities of boots, from the classic black leather ones to the cut-out or the grey suede ones.


Those were my suggestion to handle with an early wake up, I hope that they are useful and I can’t wait to read yours in the comments below. Now I am back on track with my posts so I will start publish frequently again. Stay tuned!


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