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You Can Leave Your Hat On


If you usually stroll on Internet you may have noticed that the world has been affected by a fedora mania. There is always a type of hat on trend: we had bowler hats then beanies but I definitely prefer the most recent one because of the rock vibe a fedora hat can give to every outfit. I have seen lots of celebrities, bloggers or singers males and females wearing fedoras according to their styles and no matter if you want to wear it on the beach or during a rainy day because there will be a type that matches your needs.


I put my hands on two black fedoras in the past months and I’ve been searching for a white version but I didn’t find one I liked enough that wasn’t extremely expensive. Don’t worry my research won’t stop until I will find it – I am scary, I know. If you want to buy a fedora but you can’t do a splurge with a Borsalino then Asos, Topshop,  Urban Outfitters and H&M have great substitutes.

Oh, did you get the quote on the headline? I am very proud of that.

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