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My Favourite Summer Nail Polishes


Earlier this week I went back to my parent’s house for university’s summer break so I had to pack all my stuff including my nail polishes. As you can see I went a little bit crazy while packing so I picked up only eight nail polishes and they are basically all the shades I tend to use lately. Isn’t that an excuse good enough for a nail polishes’ summer selection?


Essie Nail Lacquer in Lacquered up and Capri | Essie  has been my favourite nail polishes brand so far. These two shades, in particular, are bright orange-y toned and they don’t contain any shimmer in them, they dry very quick and last five day without chipping.


Formula X Nail Color in Outrageous and Unmistakable | I recently discovered this brand thanks to one of my favourite youtubers, Estée on essiebutton. These are the only two shades I own but they are both incredible. They dry instantly and you don’t need to use a top coat.


Dior Diorlisse in 500 Pink Petal and Vernis in 483 Pink Kimono | These two bottles are the most expensive nail polishes in this list and despite the great Dior colour choice, in general, I feel to recommend you the Essie or Formula X ones over these because they have a better quality and a lower price. Of course they are still great products: Pink Petal is a ‘my nails but better’ incredible colour and I use it all the year whereas Pink Kimono is a cool toned bright pink perfect during warmer moths.


L’Oreal Color Riche Les Blancs Collection in 858 Ocean Porcelaine | This nail polish is part of the Les Blancs Collection, a series of ten white nail polishes with a hint of a different colour in each of them. Ocean Porcelaine, as its name suggests, has a pale blue trace and after I tried it on for the first time I was very pleased with the result: has a good coverage even at the first coat and lasts for days. Its low price allows  to experiment with this white nails’ trend and I’m thinking about buying other shades.


Essence Colour & Go in 107 Naughty and Pink! | Even though Essence is a low cost brand very popular here in Italy, I usually prefer to use high street brands on my sensitive skin but when it comes to nails I can relay on it. I adore bright fuchsia shades and they are perfect with a slightly tanned skin.


So, what are your favourite summer nail polishes?


  1. The Orange-Red Essie one is so pretty what is that one called? Could you also take a look at my blog? I have a good one that I’m posting tomorrow!

  2. justliuxuan says

    How much does the Formula x polishes costs in Italy?
    I’m going to visit italy this week and I am planning on taking a visit to the sephora store, since we don’t have one here where I live and they also don’t ship it here.. 😦

  3. Beautiful colours. My Fave is Essie’s Capri 🙂

    I posted my summer favourite polishes over at if you want to go check them out


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