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Zara haul

In the past two months I’ve had some special events and -of course- I needed new clothes. Also I have been loving the last Zara collection so it happened that I made a big splurge in there.


1. Oversized denim vest – 39.95 EUR | I own slighlty oversized shirts and blazers but they are usually quite minimalist. Following the new grunge wave, I decided to go for this extremely oversized vest – especially for my tiny figure – and  every time like it makes me feel like I am living in the 90’s.

2. T-shirt with pocket – 19.95 EUR | Who doesn’t need a good white T-shirt? I am quite demanding when it comes to T-shirts because I feel like they have to be soft on the skin, not too stiff or see-through and this one has all the requirements.

3. Wide trousers with belt – 59.95 EUR | I bought these pants for a job interview and I paired them with a white silky top. I am not as tall as the model and, despite it’s a con most of the times, in this case it helped me because they fitted me longer than the model and I prefer this kind of lenght on me.

4. Blazer with turn up sleeve – 89.95 EUR | I didn’t own a black blazer for Spring, even if I am definitely a blazer kind of girl, and I felt like I needed one for a night out or more formal events. The ‘turn up sleeve’ detail caught me at first so I decided to buy it and I don’t regret my choice since I can’t stop wearing it.

5. Bolero Jacket with sequin embroidery – 49.99 EUR  | I didn’t really need this item but I was craving a sequined jacket since I saw a similar one last year in Madrid. I can wear it for both informal or formal nights and it makes every outfit more peculiar.

6. Criss Cross high heel sandals – 59.95 EUR | I picked these sandals to conclude the outfit with the palazzo pants and they are so classy on the feet. You can’t walk for miles with them but if you are searching for elegant shoes I suggest them to you.

7. Geometric print trousers – 39.95 EUR |  I am obsessed with print trousers but I didn’t feel like they fitted me well then I found this pair of slim pants and it was true love. They don’t make creases thanks to the side zip and flat pockets and the micro print suits very good on the legs.

These were my recent purchases but -obviously- there are many other things that I would buy. Here are some of them:


1. Check print trousers – 39.95 EUR

2. Asymmetric tunic – 39.95 EUR

3. Printed jumpsuit – 59.95 EUR

4. Leather sandals with fringes – 69.95 EUR

5. Leather wide heel sandals – 39.95 EUR


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