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A trip to China


In a few days I will leave the west side of the globe and I will start a month trip to China and despite the fact I am really excited about it, while this morning I was trying to find my indispensable midi ring, I realised there is one problem: the luggage.


My trip started as an university thesis trip of two weeks but then has become a longer trip on the road so it’s preferable to bring one only big backpack. one moth, one backpack. I am on denial. If you are in a similar situation I suggest to bring with you a chivalrous boyfriend or a loyal friend who can carry your luggage. Instead, in a real sad world you have to carry your own luggage and the only option is to give up all your beloved accessories and forget every outfit you created in your head like that one for a karaoke night in a Beijing club. So, I am about to greet my heeled shoes and majority of my beauty essentials because essentials is not enough in this case. The only things I can’t say no to are my furish jacket – have you seen the latest fashion shows? – and all my skin items.

travel book

Only time will tell if I follow my aim when I will have to pack.


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