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Lipstick junkie


I have to admit it: I have collected way too many lipsticks by the years. For an everyday look I like to sport mylipsbutbetter products anyhow this fact didn’t stop me from buying bright lipsticks for whatever occasion – like going to the Oscar red carpet or a fashion show (ehm).


CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine in 88 Esprit | That is my most used lipstick ever in fact I put it on My Make-up Essentials and it’s a dark rose perfect for my pigmented lips.

CHANEL Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in 57 Insolence | I am not very into lipglosses and this Chanel one is my only item of the category. Despite my reluctant attitude this gloss, that I bought a long ago, has a very good formula not too liquid and with an acceptable coverage.

Another pro for Chanel products is the sleek and luxurious packaging, which is one of my favourites out there.


Kiko lipsticks are underrated products and they combine both good price and quality. The KIKO Luscious Cream in 505 and the KIKO Velvet Mat in 613 have different finishes – the first one is creamy whilst the second one is satin – but they last a long and they’re comfortable on the lips.


DIOR Rouge Dior in 999 Rouge Ara | This bright red bullet has a creamy finish and  it gives a glamorous old diva’s allure. If you want a precise application I suggest you to use a red pencil or a trasparent one on the outside.


The CLINIQUE Chubby Sticks started the pencils mania. After them every brand came out with similar products and sometimes even better. The two Chubby Sticks, that I have, are quite shimmer colours and they’re not worth their price – so why did I buy two of them? – so, maybe due to these reasons, Clinique last year came out with the new formula Chubby Stick Intense. This time I decided to pass.


The REVLON Just Bitten Kissable sticks follow the Clinique path but here “the cheaper the better”. My Lovesick Passionnee is a bright pink with a medium coverage.


L’OREAL Caresse in 403 Hipnotic Red | It was my everyday lipstick before the Chanel one –  this is a lot cheaper – and I still love it.


GIORGIO ARMANI Rouge D’Armani in 600 | It was my first lipsticks purchase and I can say I went directly into it. The bullet is damaged but I still use it when I want to achieve a strong look.


That is my mini M.A.C. collection and they are all intense colours. First I bought Rebel following the bold lips trend and I was so pleased with its burgundy colour and its combination between hydratation and coverage – it is a satin finish – so just after I bought the classic Ruby Woo. I don’t think I need to introduce it to you but it’s flawless and it lasts so long but I suggest to hydrate the lips before to apply it. At last I gained Girl About Town with the Back to MAC program and it’s a gorgeous vibrant fuchsia.


In chronological order my last addiction are the NARS lip pencils. Despite the apparently identical packaging, Luxembourg has a satin finish instead Cruella has a matte finish. I prefer the matte option because it seems to have velvet and hydrated lips but I definitelly recommend both these pencils.


NYX in Bruised | This lipstick is not easy to wear – in fact I wore it only once – but, if you want to try something different or you are a temerarious gal, this range contains unusual colours with a good quality and low price.


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